Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lavinia - There Is Light Between Us

Lavinia | There Is Light Between Us | Mylene Sheath

Tour press: Bronze | /100
Silver | /100
Bronze/Silver swirl | /300

Merry Christmas to me from Mylene Sheath. I’ve been looking forward to receiving these records for weeks on end now. They finally arrived yesterday and I spent the better part of my afternoon flipping it over endlessly.

Lavinia is a project by some friends in Boston, Phil from Caspian, Nate of Eksi Ekso/Burning Paris, and others. The record sounds like a mix of slowed down, trippy Deftones meets The Cure and the Jesus & Mary Chain. Every single track is pock marked with crescendos that force you to close your eyes and lean back and just let it take you on its journey. Of course, the highs would be as high if they weren’t spread by valleys of low, droning shoegaze featuring Nate’s slow and mesmerizing vocals.
Pleeeeaaassseeeeee…remembeerrrrrrr meeeeeee...
I’ve been in love with the record since the mp3s dropped last month. But hearing the rattle of the snare and the whine of Phil’s guitar fill my living room this afternoon was a brand new experience. Please, I beg you, don’t let 2010 pass without giving this a solid listen. Don’t let 2011 pass without falling in absolute love with this album like I did. Easily in my Top 5 of this year.

Listen on Myspace. Buy the tunes from your favorite digital retailer or grab one of the beautiful pieces of wax pictured above from the always incredible Mylene Sheath.


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