Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Will Destroy You - Communal Blood 7"

This Will Destroy You | Communal Blood 7” | Clear | /50

Finally got this in today. This Will Destroy You have been bouncing around the past few months in anticipation of their constantly on the verge of release, Tunnel Blanket. Word has it, it should see the light of day in Winter/Spring 2011. The band is supposed to make an announcement about its release very soon. Until then, they pressed a song from the album, “Communal Blood”, on a limited run of 7”s. Clear out of 50, Black out of 500, Pink out of 5, all of which are sold out. Lots of people are reporting extreme warping of the clear press. Thankfully mine isn’t afflicted. I am experiencing a lot of surface noise, though. Especially in the right channel. Cleaning has helped a little, but not much.

The music itself is very calm, very ambient. TWDY have openly shunned their “post rock” label, stating that they don’t believe in the term or themselves to be included under the extremely broad umbrella that makes up the genre these days. Honestly, I couldn’t care less. I’m just glad to have new enjoyable tunes. The track undulates for all of the A-side and most of the B-side, finally hitting a crescendo during the last minute, full of crashing cymbals and toms and building guitars. And finally ends in a rapid, tribal drum beat and pulsing guitars that fade to silence. It feels like a premature cut off. Which I guess is a great teaser for Tunnel Blanket, which I anxiously await.

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