Monday, June 13, 2011

Paramore - All We Know Is Falling

Paramore | All We Know Is Falling | Fueled By Ramen | Clear Red | /2000

Wife made fun of me for buying this at Hot Topic yesterday. Maybe because I’m still buying records from a Hot Topic. Or maybe because I’m 24 years old and still like a record made for and by 16 year old girls. Look at all the fucks I give. (Answer: none) This record is great and I’m glad Travis from Hot Topic got FBR to repress it. Plus, when I brought it home and put it on, suddenly wife knew ALL the words. And even had a cute little dance to go along with it.

I remember when this record first came out. It was receiving rave reviews on Absolutepunk and I already had tickets to Warped Tour. So I went and saw Paramore play on the tiny pink stage that is Grrl’s Garage and enjoyed it. Though, I’m still bitter that the idiot girl I was dating back then made me leave Warped that day before Fall Out Boy played, under the excuse “you’ve seen them too many times already. You don’t need to see them again.” Bitch. She also told me “they’ll never go anywhere. They’re not that good.” I digress.

I can’t say I’ve been big on much of Paramore’s music since AWKIF. There’s been a few songs here and there, but something about this one still resonates with me. Maybe it’s purely nostalgia, maybe not. I’ll hang onto this even if it’s just to see wife sing and dance again.

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