Sunday, June 12, 2011

Steel Train - 7" Of The Month Club

I finally received the last single for Steel Train's 7" Of The Month Club today. Here's a rundown:

#1: Sky Blue | /200
Side A: Shapeshifter
Side B: Call It Off (Tegan and Sara cover)

#2: Yellow | /200
Side A: You Are Dangerous (RAC Remix)
Side B: Better Love

#3: Pink | /200
Side A: Terrible Thrills
Side B: Sadie (Joanna Newson cover)

#4: Orange | /200
Side A: Science Fiction/Double Feature (from The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Side B: Angelica

I'm excited to listen to all of these back to back this week. Fun story: the cartoon cover art in the 2nd photo was done by Alia Shawkat. You may know her as Maeby F√ľnke.

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